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Meet the founders of Fifi Ro Designer Pet Accessories

Nicole and Alfie started Joey Ro to help other fur babies and their humans dress to impress, while showing off their special bond.

Alfie, formerly known as “Doolittle,” first met his mom, Nicole, in November 2013. Living on the mean streets of Austin, he was a stray who was taken in by the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin and San Antonio. They seemed to think he was a cockapoo, but other people think he’s a Wheaton Terrier or Mini Goldendoodle. But breed, shmeed. He and Nicole have been inseparable ever since they met. When Alfie isn’t modeling for Instagram photos or inspiring Joey Ro’s latest collection of collars, bandanas, bow ties, scarves, and other accessories, he can be found chasing tennis balls or softly snoring on the sofa. Alfie believes that love can take many different forms, and he’s grateful for all the love he’s been able to receive and give during his relatively short time on earth so far.

Fun fact: Alfie graduated from Pet Therapy school so that he could volunteer at hospitals and nursing homes, but he had trouble passing the last test which involved not being scared of a staggering big man.

Nicole’s claim to fame is being “Alfie’s mom.” She’s fully aware that many of the invites she receives are mostly directed towards Alfie, and she’s more than happy to be his plus one. When Nicole isn’t designing new accessories or prints for Fifi Ro, she’s most likely at the park with Alfie or in downward-facing dog pose at yoga. A lifelong animal lover, Nicole has volunteered with local animal shelters, Austin Pets Alive and Austin Animal Center. She loves finding new ways to spoil Alfie and fun, new places they can go together.

Fun fact: Nicole interviewed to be Patti LaBelle’s dog walker when she was in college. Not having a car to get to the suburbs of Philadelphia ended up being a deal breaker though.