Furry, Fashionable, and Fabulous: Joey Ro's Favorite Pets from Film and TV

ICYMI, it’s award season in Hollywood. The Golden Globes and Grammy’s have come and gone, and Oscars are right around the corner. So we were inspired to recognize our favorite stars for the good boys and girls they are.   

Best Mini Me: Bruiser Woods, Legally Blonde 


From Beverly Hills to Harvard Square, Bruiser struts his stuff alongside his Mom, both dressed to the nines and packing a full punch of sass and confidence no matter what Elle’s loser ex-boyfriend or nasty professor through at them.


 Best Sidekick: Fat Louie, The Princess Diaries


Yas kween. From rags to riches, Fat Louie was a faithful companion to his royal mom. He stood by Mia’s side in the bay area loft and accompanied her abroad to her castle while she was learning the ropes of royalty (hey Meghan Markle). Fat Louie is a cat truly fit for a queen.


Best Undercover Villian: Frank the Pug, Men in Black


While he may seem like any normal, cute, scrunched-faced pug, you know him as an extra stylish, extra-terrestrial. Frank roams about mischievously aside his alien-slaying human counterparts. He might be up to no good, but he does it in a suit, which pretty much cancels out any hard feelings.


Best Wingman: Willie, 50 First Dates


A natural in his tuxedo, Willie prefers casual Fridays, dressing down his iconic Hawaiian shirts while helping his dad woo the ladies. His charm, humor, and style shine in Sea Life Park in the beautiful Oahu, making him the perfect wingman for Adam Sandler’s character, Henry.


Most Fierce and Feminine: Gidget, The Secret Life of Pets


Gidget stole our hearts with her charm, wit, and determination navigating the gritty, cutthroat streets of NYC. She fought for her true love with the style and grace of a devoted Manhattan elite.


Most Classic: Cat, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


New York in the 1960’s + Audrey Hepburn? You can’t get more classic than that. The cleverly named Cat follows Holly Golightly around her swanky flat, supporting her mom’s capricious whims and escapades. 


Best Dressed: Krull the Warrior King, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


Dazzling in his Burberry prints and diamond collar, this Chinese Crested has couture written all over him. While he aspires to bond the hearts of Andy Anderson and Benjamin Berry, Krull has the glamour and good looks earn a spot besides Kate Hudson and Mathew McConnaughy.


Most Loyal: Hachi, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale


We dare you not to cry watching Hachi faithfully follow Richard Gere throughout the film till the very end. Unleashed, waiting at the train station each day for his master, Hachi’s disciplined devotion is something they write books and movies about -- literally.


Best Trained: Andre, Andre


Andre is the star of a nineties self-titled film, based on book written about the true story of an amazing sea lion who quickly becomes part of a human family. Given the chance to be free, Andre returns to his people to perform the many tricks they taught him.


Most Lovable: Chester, The Nanny


You can’t talk about the nineties without The Nanny, and our favorite character on the hit sitcom was Chester. Chester belonged to C.C. Babcock in the show, but he always seemed to prefer Fran in each episode, probably because she was his mom in real life! 


Fun fact:  Hollywood used to honor pet stars with the PATSY Awards, but lost funding to continue the show back in the eighties. It’s a shame, because while the Oscars are cool and all, an award show for animals sounds much more entertaining.


    Who are some of your favorite four-legged characters? Did we snub anyone? Let us know in the comments.

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