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It’s undoubtedly a great time to be a dog – and a dog lover, for that matter. While it’s always fun to see your friends’ enviable vacation snaps or the work of art they’re having for dinner, the real stars of any Instagram feed are the ones with fur. Their joyful faces and silly antics warm our hearts with each photo they grace. 

Some of these pups have even become #instacelebs, boasting more followers than some b-list actors. Whether it’s their charisma, their owners’ sense of style, or the epic places they visit, these pups have gone viral and are loving the attention.  

1.  Fancy and feminine: Cookie the red mini poodle, @ps.ny

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Cookie’s mom, Olia, is a talented photographer and New York City who captures Cookie’s sweet vibes amidst a thoughtful aesthetic of soft pinks and tropical décor. In addition to Cookie’s teddy-like cuteness, follow this duo for vegan treats and beautiful backdrops.  

2. Ironic and iconic: Doug the pug, @itsdougthepug

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Doug’s wrinkled, questioning face and ample wardrobe has earned him over 3 million followers. Doug’s pedestrian lifestyle is equally relatable and entertaining. It’s like watching The Office. 

3. Social butterfly: Charlie Brown the golden retriever, @charliebrowngoldenretriever

Charlie Brown, the golden retriever, will steal your heart

Charlie Brown has the face of an angel and the restraint of a monk. Follow this classic canine from Canada as he traverses the world with his mom, meets up with four-legged friends, and enjoys the occasional cupcake.  

4. Cool as a cucumber: Dean the basset hound, @deanthebasset

Dean the Basset Hound will brighten up your day

We’re all about Dean’s long ears, no cares vibe. Whether he’s on a raft floating in a pool, wearing glasses and reading a book, or napping by the fireplace, this chill dude will melt your heart with his floppy ears, droopy eyes and friendly disposition.

5. Gallivanting and gorgeous: Steve Chu, Shiba owner, @dareochu

While this isn’t technically the dog duo’s account per se, these two Shibas take the cake for adventure and breath-taking scenery from the eye of their LA-based owner. Follow along with their 25k followers as they trot side by side around the country to some of the most untouched and epic destinations the US has to offer.

6. Modern and matching: Piggy & Polly, French bulldogs, @piggyandpolly

Piggy and Polly are matching fashionistas

These two divas have nearly a half million followers liking their chic outfits and minimalist, modern habitats. Whether they’re wearing the classy pet accessories from their own line, Pipolli, or posed with their morning coffee, these two hams know how to capture and audience.

7. Rugged and regal: Grayson & Weston, Siberian Husky and Berger Blanc Suisse, @graywoof

Trotting with their owners in mountainous wilderness settings or amidst their desert homes, these two are advocates of friendship and exploration. A regal wolf-like husky, Grayson is the leader of the pack, and his affable buddy, Weston, will steal your heart with his enormous ears and innocent face.

8. Fierce and funny: King Kong Da Savage Pom, Pomeranian, @kongdasavage

Follow King Kong Da Savage the Dog on Instagram

Whether he’s balancing in a yoga pose or on a skateboard, King Kong packs enormous spunk in a tiny package. He entertains his millions of followers, popping up in unexpected places, always wearing his silly grin.

Who else should we be following? Tag @shopfifiro when you see your favorite pup in your feed.  

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