👌 Dog and cat memes for every occasion 🐕 😸

The advent of memes and GIFs into our everyday vernacular has done for communication what aircraft carriers did for travel. It allows us to get to the point / destination with more style and speed. The rapid advancement of poignant declarations atop iconic images makes it hard to remember the times when we had to use words to describe our precise thoughts and feelings. Surely the greatest facilitators of this new mode of connection are our furry friends. Without them, we wouldn't have the endearing, honest puppy eyes that speak volumes of the human condition.

Here are our go-to dog and cat memes for every occasion. 

When you're rounding up your posse

When you need to RSVP to an event

Classic Dog Memes: RSVP to an invite

Over the holidays


When you're not being supported

Valentine's Day

Classic dog memes: Valentine's Day, Kiss Me


When you're successfully flying under the radar

When someone asks you for risqué photos

When you need some peace and quiet

When your boss is driving you nuts

Interviewing someone

When you need to say "Ooops!"

Classic dog memes: Oops!

Checking items of your to-do list

When the joke's on you

When someone asks you if you're a runner

Classic dog memes: running, fitness

When you're feeling nosey 

When you're feeling unmotivated

When someone is being ridiculous

When you don't know how to say hi to that cutie guy on Bumble

When you're trying to crack the whip

When your friend has a problem

When you have a problem

When none of your group photos turn out

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